Chore Jar

June 13, 2010 at 6:22 pm Leave a comment

My husband & I have decided it’s time for Avery to start doing chores so he can grasp the value of money and understand that if you really want something, you need to earn the money to buy it. Lately, Avery’s had a few Varuca Salt moments, so yeah, it’s time…

chore jar robotDuring Open Studio time last week, I gave Avery a glass jar and told him he could decorate it however he liked. He went to town and made a cool little robot guy.

Avery can earn beads to place in his jar by doing chores off of his special chore chart I made him. Since he can’t read, I drew pictures of the jobs he can do to earn the beads (clean up his toys, water the plants, etc). He will earn a reward when the jar is half full and when it’s completely full he will get the “Whip-it Stick-it” toy he’s been wanting ($20).

It’s his choice whether or not to do any chores at all. The point is, we’re trying to get him to learn that if he wants something bad enough, he has to work for it. We’d like him to understand how much it costs to buy some of the things he wants and how long it takes to earn enough to take it home.

I remember my first purchase. It was a 110 camera from Kmart for $13. I was extremely proud of myself and since then I’ve always been really good at saving money.  Hoping my little 4 year old will be motivated to fill that jar!

chore jar with beads

If you would like to make a chore jar when you come in for Open Studio, just let me know and I'll give you jar to decorate 🙂


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