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Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

In Little Picasso’s Class this week we learned a bit about “architecture”. We talked about what the word means and I showed them examples of architecture from different time periods. As I showed them the images, we looked for shapes within the structures. After our little talk, I gave each student a handout of a Gothic Cathedral and they practiced their tracing skills; finding all the different shapes within the architectural details.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

Next I used large wooden blocks to demonstrate a solid foundation vs a weak foundation. The kids worked together to build a wobbly structure & a solid structure, which helped them understand how to begin their art project for the day…

For the most part, I like to try to give the kids open-ended projects to do after their lesson, so I offered each student 20 wooden cubes, glue, cardboard, and paint. I told them to make any sort of structure they wanted to and reminded them that if their foundation was strong they could build high.

As they worked they tossed out the words, “architecture”, “structure”, “foundation”, “pyramid”, “arch”, so it was nice that they were understanding what they heard this week.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

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catch up post

I take soooooooo many pictures at the studio & have been wanting to blog about all the cool things we do here for ages. So, before this get’s too old, here is what we did for Father’s Day this year…

Averyboo Arts, Vangie Ogg Photography, and Jammin’ Music worked together to offer “Daddy Day with Me” on June 19th. It was a day of music, crafts and a professional portrait session+print all for only $40!

The Guys loved it! One of the Dads commented on his way out that “This was really nice. I never get to have special time like this with my daughter, so thank you.”

Here are a few photos:

Drum circle at Jammin' Music

Drum circle at Jammin' Music

Father's Day at Averyboo Arts

Decorating frames at Averyboo Arts

Father's Day at Averyboo Arts


Father's Day at Averyboo Arts

Father's Day Portrait by Vangie Ogg

Father's Day Portrait by Vangie Ogg

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Nature Display Wednesday

Yes, we “found” this lovely crystal on one of our nature walks… a neighbor moved recently and left some items out at the curb. There was a small dresser I wanted, so when we finished our walk, I drove the car over to pick it up. After getting it home I opened up the drawers and there was this giant quartz crystal!

Nature Display Wednesday - crystal

There were other items in the drawer indicating a break up, so I think this was intentionally left out for the trash. Oh well, yay nature display!

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I love this!

Avery wanted to make a pirate eye patch this week, so I cut an eye patch shape out of thin cardboard, then let the little man figure out the rest. I was totally amazed when he was done. It’s so colorful and wacky; I love it!

Open Studio at Averyboo Arts

This was made with supplies available during Open Studio hours.

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Impasto Painting

During painting class, I taught the kids about Impasto (thick paint).

First we learned a little bit about Vincent Van Gogh and how he used “thick paint” to create movement, emotion and texture in his work.

Next, I showed them how to mix their own paints so that they can inexpensively duplicate the technique on their own. For this lesson, I gave them tempera paints mixed with cornstarch, soap shavings, and sand (one ingredient per color).

We learned how to create different effects using a variety of tools; then they went to work. Each student received a canvas board to paint on & were asked to keep their image “abstract”. I didn’t want the kids to get wrapped up in creating a picture, rather I wanted them to focus on using the paint.

The art looks really cool! The cornstarch paint was my personal favorite. It dried all crackly 🙂

impasto example

This is the wet paint mixed with cornstarch.

impasto paint

Dried painting.

impasto painting

The bits that look like pebbles were created with the soapy paint.

impasto painting

the end.

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make your own watercolors

DIY Watercolors

I had the kiddos make their own watercolors in painting class, which they thought was fun & interesting. This is a great activity for toddlers & preschoolers also.

Here’s the recipe I used:

3 Tbs. baking soda
3 Tbs. corn starch
3 Tbs. white vinegar
1-1/2 tsp. light corn syrup
food coloring

1. Mix vinegar, baking soda, corn starch and corn syrup together in a small bowl.

2. Divide the mixture into little bottle caps or lids.

3. Add six to eight drops of food coloring to each bowl & mix (neon food coloring is fun too).

Side note: For younger kids you can use this opportunity to learn about color mixing. Instead of initially dividing mixture into lids, divide into 3 small bowls and make a batch of primary colors (r, b, y). Let the kids mix secondary colors (o, g, p) and when you’re all finished playing with color, pour into small bottle caps or lids.

5. Use watercolors as they are or let them dry into hard cakes of paint. If you use them while they’re dry, be sure to wet the paintbrush before painting.

Use paste food coloring if you want especially vivid colors and lots of color choices. Some oil based food coloring will not stir in well, but it will blend perfectly by the time it’s dry.

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Pee Wee Art – Tuesday Evenings

I’ve added a Pee Wee Art Class to Tuesday evenings (5:30-6:15), so that more working parents can attend. I think this will end up being a popular time slot!

Here’s what we did in Pee Wee this week…

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

Natural clippings, paint, tooth brushes, sieves, & sponges

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

We used strawberries as one of our materials. Everyone got a berry for tasting as well.

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

And then we let the kids do their thing...

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

Freestyle painting & coloring, followed by storytime & color identification activity.

For class info see:

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What About the Kid Who Loves Art?

Open Studio at Averyboo Arts

Today I had 4 new girls join my painting class, which was a nice surprise. The eldest of the bunch was very bummed to learn that class was only once a week. She really wanted to come back tomorrow for another lesson, so I suggested Open Studio Hours to her Grandmother.

As I started to explain the benefits & how Open Studio worked, she cut me off to say, “Eh, they can do that anytime at home.” Oh, the disappointment on that girls face…

Well, yes, of course you can make art at home, I absolutely encourage it. But for kids who love art – Averyboo is a place that resonates with their creative spirit.

Kids who love soccer can always kick a ball around at home also, but playing the sport with team mates at the park is more enjoyable… it nurtures the spirit and brings joy into their life.

Yes, you can use crayons and paint at home, but Open Studio is like a creative candy store for the kid who loves art. The studio is inspirational, non-judgmental, a place where the creative kid feels like they belong.

Take it from someone who was once a creative kid herself… having enriching opportunities outside of a class & to be given freedom to be an artist is valuable.

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