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Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

In Little Picasso’s Class this week we learned a bit about “architecture”. We talked about what the word means and I showed them examples of architecture from different time periods. As I showed them the images, we looked for shapes within the structures. After our little talk, I gave each student a handout of a Gothic Cathedral and they practiced their tracing skills; finding all the different shapes within the architectural details.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

Next I used large wooden blocks to demonstrate a solid foundation vs a weak foundation. The kids worked together to build a wobbly structure & a solid structure, which helped them understand how to begin their art project for the day…

For the most part, I like to try to give the kids open-ended projects to do after their lesson, so I offered each student 20 wooden cubes, glue, cardboard, and paint. I told them to make any sort of structure they wanted to and reminded them that if their foundation was strong they could build high.

As they worked they tossed out the words, “architecture”, “structure”, “foundation”, “pyramid”, “arch”, so it was nice that they were understanding what they heard this week.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

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