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Vacation Jar Workshop

Many of my customers took some amazing vacations this Summer, so I thought it’d be fun to offer a Vacation Jar Workshop to help the kids memorialize their trips. I only had one child sign up, which was fine with me. I was able to really give R my full attention and help him create something he was very proud of.

First we evaluated what we had to work with. I interviewed R about his trip to Maui so I could help him narrow his choices.
Vacation Jar Workshop

I knew beforehand that R was bringing tokens from Hawaii, so I gathered some more materials for him to use like sand, Hawaiian print fabric, a variety of papers, drift wood, etc. We talked about different options he had, made some decisions about composition and then got to work.

Vacation Jar Workshop

gathering, labeling & assembling

After some finishing touches, the jar was complete. R immediately walked over to show his Dad, who lit up with surprise when he saw the memento.  Here’s a closeup of the jar>>

Vacation Jar Workshop

proud of his creation

All materials, including the fancy jar,  were included in the workshop price of only $10. Not too shabby! To find out more about upcoming workshops, go here:

OH, and tried to get my 4 yo son to work on a nature jar with me, but he decided to do this instead…

It was more fun for A to place scissors in jars & hide them under easels. The End.

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Dance Party!

Here’s a little clip from our super fun Dance Party yesterday.
The kids were SO cute!!!

Thanks to Pixie Toys and Vangie Ogg Photography for providing goody bags, And also Douglas Goble for a great class and my husband Doug for DJing 🙂

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Birthday Theme

Class: Pee Wee Art

This was a fun, colorful activity which exercised fine motor skills. The activities included squeezing, pulling, pressing, picking up small objects, cutting & gluing. Everyone loved it 🙂

Averyboo Arts

birthday cake fixin's

Averyboo Arts

squeezing "icing" onto our "cake"

Averyboo Arts

wrapping paper collage

Averyboo Arts

Viola! Birthday Cake

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Creative Kid + Sale

Jake is an impressive young man (7 yrs). He came in for Open Studio twice last month with his Grandmother and little sister. At first, he was a little shy & unsure what to do when he got here, but after I showed him all the cool stuff he was allowed work with without any grown-ups telling what to make – he got to work…

On day one he decided he was going to make a “portable table”. He figured it all out and with a little assistance (hot glue gun & hole punch) -VOILA- a portable table was created.

Open  Studio - Averyboo Arts
On day two, jake headed straight for the crayon easel to design a catapult! I was unsure as to how he was going to make it, but he was able to figure it all out. He made a working catapult out of cardboard, popsicle stick, bottle cap & tape. After some experimenting, Jake concluded that launching a pompon was more successful than a nut 😉

Open Studio - Averyboo Arts

Sale at Averyboo Arts, buy 1, get one free

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