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Vacation Jar Workshop

Many of my customers took some amazing vacations this Summer, so I thought it’d be fun to offer a Vacation Jar Workshop to help the kids memorialize their trips. I only had one child sign up, which was fine with me. I was able to really give R my full attention and help him create something he was very proud of.

First we evaluated what we had to work with. I interviewed R about his trip to Maui so I could help him narrow his choices.
Vacation Jar Workshop

I knew beforehand that R was bringing tokens from Hawaii, so I gathered some more materials for him to use like sand, Hawaiian print fabric, a variety of papers, drift wood, etc. We talked about different options he had, made some decisions about composition and then got to work.

Vacation Jar Workshop

gathering, labeling & assembling

After some finishing touches, the jar was complete. R immediately walked over to show his Dad, who lit up with surprise when he saw the memento.  Here’s a closeup of the jar>>

Vacation Jar Workshop

proud of his creation

All materials, including the fancy jar,  were included in the workshop price of only $10. Not too shabby! To find out more about upcoming workshops, go here:

OH, and tried to get my 4 yo son to work on a nature jar with me, but he decided to do this instead…

It was more fun for A to place scissors in jars & hide them under easels. The End.

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