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Primitive Pumpkin Workshop

primitive pumpkin workshop at Averyboo Arts

I’m happy to report that everyone left our Halloween Workshop with finished pumpkins! Participants ranged in age from 4-8 years old and designed some fun plushies to add to their holiday decor this year. The little ones worked together with their mothers while the older children were given the freedom to create & learn a new skill.

1. Before we began, I showed them examples of Primitive Halloween decorations & objects such as dolls, pillows & quilts.

2. For the sake of time, I pre-aged the fabrics for the workshop. I explained how it was done & showed the kids “before and after” aging samples of the fabric. (see Coffee Dye post for the recipe & instructions).

3. Then we learned how to make a pattern for our pumpkin shape… cut the fabric.. and began to sew on the faces using fabric scraps & vintage buttons..

4. Once the faces were done, the front & back were sewn together & the pumpkin was stuffed. A twig was used to make the pumpkin stem and then they were complete 🙂

Very proud of the kids for staying so focused.
They came out great!

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