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5 Year Old, Secret Agent Party, Part 1

If you do a search online, you can find a lot of ideas for a Secret Agent or Detective themed party… for big kids. I really loved the idea for my son’s 5th Birthday and came up with a unique theme & activities appropriate for 3-5 year olds.

—- edit 09/18/11—-
Warning – it has been over 6 months since my son’s party and he’s STILL playing “secret agent” almost every day…. This party idea may make your child obsessed with spy missions & set the bar very high for your next party! 😀

Part 1 – Invitations

secret agent invite by natalie meza
1) To save time & money, I used up a stack of old, blank note cards to make mini file folders.

secret agent invite by natalie meza
2) Avery & I had a secret agent photo shoot in the studio parking lot… Our favorite shot was converted to B&W then printed from our home computer.

3) The” Agent Profile” and party info were also created on the computer. I used a type writer font to give the invite an authentic feel.

secret agent invite by natalie meza
4) Each recipient also received a small envelope with a tiny message & magnifying glass inside. The message read, “Remember this password to enter the secret agent academy…’Babaloo’ “.

Part 2 – Secret Agent Party Activities for 3-5 year Olds

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