Secret Agent Party Pt3 – Party Day

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Secret Agent Party by Natalie Meza

It’s been a month since we had the party and the boys at Avery’s school continue to tell me how fun it was 🙂  I’m just happy it came together & that the Birthday Boy had a great time. I made everything myself &/or reused or repurposed items I already had. The goody bags were probably the biggest expense at about $5 p/child.

– Invitations are here>
– Age appropriate party activities are here>
– If interested in more details about how to make something, leave a comment.


Party Games & Activities

party games & activities

Party Games & Activities

The activities were all part of  our “Secret Agent Training Program”. The kids had to pass security check at the finger print station, learned how to follow instructions, disguise techniques, make binoculars, and pass dynamite if the situation were to ever come up.

Each child came up with their own codename & took a photo which I added to their name badge. Before the party, I had a business card template set up in iWork Pages (macintosh program), so all I had to do was drag & drop the photos and type in the codename during the party. It took about 10 minutes with a helper to print, cut and assemble the badges. The parents enjoyed listening to the funny names the kids came up with like, secret agent “Hot Dog”, “Don Diego”, “Silly Cheese”, & “Flutterby”…

Obstacle Course

obstacle course

Obstacle Course

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any real good pics of the course, but hope you can get the idea… this was the final training for our agents. First,  “Agent Cankles” (aka “Dad”) gave instructions. The kids had to (1) climb up slide & go down… (2) Jump on the trampoline & land on the target (not shown)… (3) step through the tires, land on target (tires found by fwy off ramp)… (4) Grab a water balloon & throw at the big target.

This was super fun, the only problem we had was that we mistakenly left the bucket of balloons for free-for-all-grabbing instead of handing them out. I’m sure you can guess that some of the kids didn’t get a chance to throw a  balloon… Oops.

First Mission
After successfully completing their training, the kids were told they had received their 1st official MISSION….I opened a mysterious black envelope and pulled out the message “Find the bomb”

"Find the bomb... go to the grassy hill for your next clue"

"There's the grassy hill!"

Kids meet up with Agent Luther who had a video clue (yes, that's a wig)...."Agents, there's danger back at the house, go quickly to the kitchen!!"

Agents returning to the house for more clues. Note: we were going to instruct the kids to ROLL down the hill, but it had rained just before the party.


It's the BOMB! Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Let's eat cake 🙂 Made 2 cakes using the Betty Crocker Bake n' Fill round pan (made 1 cupcake for the fuse area). Red Velvet on outside, chocolate on inside.

Goody Bags – End.

Secret Agent Party by Natalie Meza

Goody Bags

Shopped early & bought blk felt Halloween treat bags ($1 at Target)… Scraped off “boo!”, and filled with blk glasses, finger lights, a gadget watch, chocolate mustache lolly, and a grabber toy. Everyone also received a certificate of completion from the Academy. The end.

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