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Some Humor For You

Remember, It’s the process not the product that is important….

I was going through some studio photos today and came across a few projects that didn’t go as planned. These photos are from Pee Wee Art. The kids loved the process of the projects, but we grown-ups found humor in the end results.

some bloopers from class

1) The theme of this class was ’emotions’. These projects were from the “happy table”. Kids glued a happy face to their paper and painted with yellow & red. The purpose was to mix the two colors and create a happy orange color, but the kids were really drawn to the red resulting in pictures that looked like maniacal children burning in flames. It was silly.

2) Last week, all classes made recycled paper pulp pictures for Earth Day. Since the Pee Wee students are so young, I wanted them to focus on the texture and manipulative qualities of the pulp. I made 2 pulps – one from junk mail and the other from old construction paper. The end result was something that resembled ground beef or perhaps vomit. Hmm, well, at least the kids really enjoyed the project & had no idea what we adults were snickering about.

3) This last photo is from Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be sweet to create a parent/child piece. The children traced their parents hands & then the parent traced their child’s. The kids colored in with crayons & painted with red, glittery watercolors to create a resist. The end result looked a little gruesome. I decided to change the paint colors for the afternoon class and they turned out much better! 😉

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2011 Press Telegram Reader’s Choice Award!

We Won!
Thanks to all who voted for us. I’m always grateful for your support ♥

Averyboo Arts, winner 2011 Reader's Choice Award
Thank You.

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Favorite Photo Friday


LA County Museum of Art

My husband said, "It looks like his imagination is shooting out of his head."

Ok, so this one is *not* from the studio, but it’s my favorite this week. This is my son standing in front of a Matisse at LACMA. We went there for our weekly “family fun night” and had such a great time. When visiting a museum with young children, don’t try to tackle the entire place or force information on them. In order for everyone to have a good time, choose a couple of floors to explore and don’t spend more than 2hrs.


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… to Shannon F. who won her choice of a 4wk class or a 1month Unlimited Studio Pass. Thanks so much for donating an Art Kit to Miller Children’s Hospital!!

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Custom Birthday Party – “Under The Sea”

“We hosted our four year old daughter’s birthday party at this wonderful Long Beach gem. Owner, Natalie Meza, worked diligently with me to carry-out the concept of our mermaid theme. She ordered custom underwater colored paints and materials, devised craft options and consulted me by phone and email whenever I had additional ideas. You will find that Averyboo is a modern, clean and well-lit space that has high-quality materials. Being that Natalie is a mother of a young child herself gives her a deep passion for what she does and with her art background you’ll see how you’re child will have a wonderful artistic experience no matter what studio offering you choose!”
– Marinella L. (Averyboo Arts, Yelp Review)

Birthday Party @ Averyboo Arts

Painting treasure chests and sea animals.

Birthday Party @ Averyboo Arts

Art, mermaid face painting, and a super fun ocean themed dance lesson!

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