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Superheroes & Heroines Workshop

At the start of this workshop, I asked the kids to tell me what it meant to be a Superhero… I was a bit dismayed to hear them talk about how “they fight” and “use weapons”. It wasn’t until an older girl whispered in her little brothers’ ear that we talked about how “Superheroes help people in trouble”.

I grew up watching the Super Friends (1973-1986) who never seemed to use weapons against anyone. They even included safety/health tips, magic tricks, and craft segments during the later shows.

But I digress…. I suggested the kids start thinking about what their own super powers would be and then went off to make a mask, power bracelets, and a cape. When they finished, we put on our gear and sat down for a Superhero Story. We had lots of fun.  I was also very pleased to see several girls attend! 🙂

Superheroes @ Averyboo Arts

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Klimt + LB Parks & Rec Classes

Our Little Picasso’s Class (Age 4-6) is now available through Long Beach Parks & Recreation beginning TH, June 9th. This class is my favorite to teach. I love to see the kids delve into the projects and come out feeling confident about what they made.

Here is an example of what we made last week… We looked at some kid-friendly works of Gustav Klimt and focused on his use of pattern and the color gold (ooooh, gold!). Students and parents really loved this project. It had a little of everything… drawing, painting, shapes, patterns, cutting, pasting and ,as always, room for a little self expression.

1. The kids were given a piece of transparency film and painted one side with gold acrylic.
2. Then we placed the film –wet side down– onto a black backing (the paint has to be wet to stick).
3. Dry side up, we drew our patterns & talked about alignment.
4. Lastly, students added more Klimt-like patterning & colors using paper.
Go to this link for LB Parks class info:

Little Picasso's @ Averyboo Arts

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Favorite Photo Friday

Averyboo Arts

twin sisters - open studio

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Felting – Mini Monets w/ Mom

Mini Monets w/ Mom @ Averyboo Arts
Mother’s Day workshop included felting lesson, love, all materials, refreshments, framing, & commemorative photo for only $35 🙂

For Mother’s Day, we offered a unique workshop inspired by the Impressionistic style of Claude Monet. After a brief discussion about wool & Monet, each mother/child pair were given a starter kit, an inspiration photo and got to work….



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Favorite Photo Friday

Averyboo Arts

"This is a good-guy robot tickling a bad-guy and sneaking gasoline in his shirt." ~Avery

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Food – A Creative Outlet


I don’t do a lot of my own art anymore, so I often enjoy doing things a little more over-the-top because it’s a way for me to be creative. I haven’t had the motivation to cook much lately, but when hubby’s birthday came along, I wanted to make something nice for his 40th!

Smörgåstårta (Sandwich Cake)
I am half Swedish and the smörgåstårta is a special dish made for celebrations. My mom showed me pics from my uncle’s birthday last year & thought it was disgusting (filled with fish, hardboiled eggs, caviar, dill, etc). But as husband’s birthday approached, I thought about making a not-so-gross version…. You can basically fill it with whatever suits your taste; make a peanut butter, jelly & banana sandwich if you like 🙂



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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some Mother’s Day projects we did in the studio this week…

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

Wall or Window Art

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

Sewing Cards

class: Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6)

Little Picasso's at Averyboo Arts

Heart Bowls for Mom

workshop: Mini Monets with Mom (Age 4-9)

workshop at Averyboo Arts

This was a felting project. I'll do a separate post about this in a few days & show you the steps.

Now, back to bed to wait for my breakfast… hope the boys wake up soon because I’m huunngry! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

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