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Meet the Instructor – Micky

Crafty Earthlings

Spider Web using umbrella skeleton & misc found items.

We have a new class called “Crafty Earthlings” an eco-art class for kids 5-9 years beginning THURS 7/7-7/28; 11am-noon (4wks).
Kids will learn creative ways to make arts & crafts from found objects and household items. New theme each week including: The Beach, Instruments & Music, Superheroes, & Beautiful Bugs. Only $50, includes all materials!

I want to introduce the instructor, Micky… she’s a really sweet person, nurturing & patient. She will also be teaching our “Mom’s Craft Night” on 6/29 & 7/27; 6:30-8pm

Micaela Aldana Salatino

Micaela Aldana Salatino, AKA "Micky"

Micaela Aldana Salatino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. The artist and self-proclaimed “crafty vegan” attributes her love for art and fashion to her family’s creative roots.   Inspired by her grandmother, a seamstress and knitter, and taught to crochet by her mother, Micaela began crafting outfits for her dolls at 5 years old.

Micaela Aldana Salatino @ Averyboo Arts

Micky teaching finger crochet to kids at Averyboo Arts.

Helping give rise to the term “upcycled”, Micaela has presented eco art classes in Long Beach, CA since 2010.  Supporting the process of creating valuable products from waste materials, Micaela teaches kids, teens and adults how to create green works of art from left-over scraps of fabric, yarn and environment-friendly supplies.

Micaela Aldana Salatino

Upcycled Necklace by Micky

Micaela inspires all to take care of Mother Nature and tread lighter on the earth.
Class info here:

Micaela Aldana Salatino

Coasters made with magazines & twine by Micky

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