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Dance Party Luau

Just for fun, we had a Summer Dance Party Luau with our resident dance dude Mr. G (he’s available for private parties ya’ll). We made lei inspired necklaces, learned a few traditional moves, tried out instruments, grass skirts & Danced! Good times as usual!

Here’s a video clip:

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New Class: The Language of Art, 8/2-9/6

We’ve decided to keep up the momentum of our current class “Sketchbooks & Sculpture” and add another 5 week course called “The Language of Art“; beginning Aug 2nd.

Fundamentals will be taught including: color theory, perspective, composition and 2D vs 3D. Projects will include painting, drawing and sculpture, and will also be influenced by the group. Beginner, intermediate and advanced  students are all welcome! (Age 7-12). Register>>

Our current group of students are having so much fun together. We hope more will decide to join us on 8/2. Here are some photos & video from “Sketchbooks & Sculpture

Averyboo Arts

Toni introduces the concept of a sketchbook & shares her own drawings.

Averyboo Arts

After the book covers are constructed, students paint an abstract expression of themselves on the front.

 Then they began their cupcake sculptures….

Averyboo Arts

Messy, grossed-out, but in the end it was fun!

Averyboo Arts

Time to paint and glitter the sculptures.

Averyboo Arts

For our final class next week, the kids will make watercolor/sketches of their cupcakes in the books they created. And perhaps they'll get to eat real ones too 🙂

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July 2011

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