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10 Year Anniversary – Fear

Geez – First of all, the last time I had a moment to work on a blog post was in 2015. And second of all – poof – we’ve been open for 10 years.

We definitely could’ve been bigger by now, but one thing has held me back… Fear.

Photo 19

Keeping ourselves busy waiting for customers 🙂

I opened Averyboo Arts in 2009 amid the recession. During my build-out, I was denied a startup loan from the bank because Wall Street literally crashed the same week I had applied. I bootstrapped my own business by pairing down my initial offerings, accepting help from friends & family and also held off on hiring staff for nearly two years – all with a toddler in tow. It was so haaaaard…

The young parents in my neighborhood quickly became not only my friends, but also my cheerleaders and thanks to their positive word of mouth, I was soon able to start adding art classes and birthday party packages to my offerings.

Slowly but surely I was able to add staff along the way, but that initial experience of having to pay for everything out of pocket & watch my spending; fearful of going under, really held me back. So, I carried on taking baby steps and growing a little more each year.

Life got really busy for me after that last blog post in 2015 because the following school year I started homeschooling Avery.  I had recently completed the 10K Small Businesses Program with a really sweet growth plan ready to go when my husband & I realized that public school was failing our son. We made the decision to homeschool and the majority of the responsibility fell on my shoulders.

Ok, so now I’m responsible for teaching all the subjects (except math) to my child PLUS all my motherly duties AND still run my own business? This includes managing staff, planning classes, teaching classes, admin duties, customer service, marketing & promotion, paying bills, yadda, yadda, yadda… I felt there wasn’t any way I could possibly take on the feat of executing my growth plan also.

We found support by enrolling in iLead Exploration Charter School (home-study program) and over time, I found my groove again and realized that homeschooling offered lots of enriching opportunities. We had access to so many vendors & our assigned charter teacher was a life saver.

Four years later, I have an excellent group of women working for me,  we’ve outgrown our space, and I’m ready to make some upgrades & take some risks for our 10 year anniversary! Keep an eye out for nostalgic photos (which may include YOU) and the following upgrades:


  • New website
  • Construction of a new classroom
  • Updating our signs
  • Selling T-Shirts with our new logo

Thank you to everyone who has visited my little art studio over the years. You helped make this dream happen & I’m so happy we can give your children an opportunity to nurture their inner artist. ❤️Ms Natalie

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Re-Post: Thanksgiving Indian Corn Sculpture

Hi All, I’m re-posting a project I did with the kids in 2011 for Thanksgiving… wow! Time flies!! We’re doing it again this year with our Little Picasso students and thought some of you might be interested. Enjoy!

Go> Thanksgiving Indian Corn

Averyboo Arts

Sculpture & Painting Project @ Averyboo Arts

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Thanksgiving Weekend SALE. Limited!

Anyone familiar with the studio knows we don’t normally offer “sales” so be sure to take advantage of these Limited Time discounts happening Thanksgiving Weekend…. If you are a parent who would love to cut down on the clutter of toys this holiday season, please share these deals with your friends & family.

This is also a great opportunity for current students to renew their series at a lower rate.  Give the gift of art and support a small business 🙂

Click the individual links to be taken to details & buying info for each deal:


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End of Summer Bucket List

Summer FunWhile some kids have already gone back to school, LBUSD still has a few short weeks before school starts. Here are 10 bucket list ideas we’re going to try to squeeze in before Summer ends!
♥ Ms. Natalie

(1) Camp in the back yard (ask a friend to sleep over too)

(2) Make a fort in the living room and have a movie night

(3) Bring a pizza to the park for picnic dinner & playtime

(4) Buy an all purpose tarp to create a giant slip-n-slide on the lawn.

(5) Make ice cream in a ziplock bag.

(6) Read a bedtime story under the stars.

(7) Go on a hike. We have found many easy family hikes on

(8) Travel to someplace new
This can be as inexpensive as going to a new park to spending the weekend in a new town. Exploring someplace new is always memorable!

(9) Ride our bikes to breakfast.
Ride to a local coffee joint and enjoy bagel & juice together (my son likes picking out his own from the case).

(10) Wish on a star…
Happy Summer!!!

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Need I say more?

Need I say more?

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Spring Break

I’m currently planning our Summer Programs and wish time would slow down just a tad….

Here are some pix from our Spring Break Workshops. The kids had fun & I heard comments like “This is the best day of my life!” which is always great to hear! Be sure to join our mailing list  to hear about our Summer programs first.

Averyboo Arts - Spring Workshops

Averyboo Arts – Spring Workshops

Averyboo Arts

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Gift Making – Wet Felted Acorn Pendants

Averyboo Arts

My son made these “acorn top” pendants for his cousins for Thanksgiving. These would also make cute Christmas gifts and could be winter-ized by painting the tops white or covering with snow glitter. The balls were made with wool and a wet felting technique. Little ones can do this with supervision as hot water is part of the process. Have fun!

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Teacher’s Gift – Terrarium


Averyboo Arts

Garden terrariums are a simple, attractive and heart-felt “thank you” gift your child can make for his or her teacher. My son & I made these for Christmas gifts last year and never had a chance to post about them, so here we go…

(1) First of all, you will need a clean glass container of some sort… Pasta sauce jar, empty spice jar, canning jar – anything you have with a lid will do. Plastic is ok too; I’m saving a bear-shaped honey bottle for this purpose. I also spray painted the jar lid light green ala Martha Stewart so it would look ever prettier (optional).

Averyboo Arts

(2) Start with a gravel layer. This will help keep the terrarium from getting moldy & looks really nice. This can be anything from marbles, aquarium gravel or small decorative stones from your local garden center.

(3) Next we added a layer of adobe clay dirt from our yard, then a layer of garden soil – do not mix together and don’t compact. Your own yard dirt will differ from packaged garden soil and will add interest to the overall piece. Keep in mind that you can make “hills” in your garden as well.

(4)  Then you’ll want to grab a spoon & a paper plate and go for a stroll around your neighborhood to gather moss. You want nice flat pieces. We grabbed some with tiny bits of clover and other interesting little weeds. Lay down the moss on top of your last soil layer & gently pat into place.

(5) At this point you can add a few stones &/or plastic animal toys, or shells, or any other interesting bobble you like. We added some plastic bunnies and it turned out oh so cute!

(6) Lastly, you’ll want to give the terrarium a good spray of water. Place the lid, keep in a sunny spot and enjoy! If there is a build up of condensation, you can open the jar for a bit… if it looks dry, spray some more water.

Averyboo Arts

This was the jar my son made for his teacher BUT it never left our house. He loved it so much he couldn’t part with it. Six months later it’s still thriving on his bedroom dresser ♥

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New Ceramics Class


We have a new 2-Day Kid’s Ceramics Class starting Wed, Feb 15th!
I’m excited 🙂 Working with clay is great for sensory development, motor skills, self expression, developing confidence, problem solving skills, discipline, and pride. Clay also has a therapeutic quality and can retain a child’s attention for hours.

ImageKid’s Ceramics $45 
Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm (see dates below)
Must Pre-Register, Space limited>>
(Age 5-10) In this class, students will explore handbuilding construction techniques; making functional items such as mugs, bowls, and picture frames … or imaginative/sculptural creations like animals, masks or a wind chime. Each child will take home glazed/fired pieces.

Classes taught by working ceramist, Kathryn Heaton.

We have 2 classes on the calendar to start; adding more as demand grows… 
• Feb 15, 22 = Make a Coil Bowl
• Mar 07, 14 = Make an Animal
Click here to register, Space limited>> 


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Shop Local Holiday Bazaar

Holiday Bazaar 12/18, 10-4pm (more…)

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