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Thanksgiving Weekend SALE. Limited!

Anyone familiar with the studio knows we don’t normally offer “sales” so be sure to take advantage of these Limited Time discounts happening Thanksgiving Weekend…. If you are a parent who would love to cut down on the clutter of toys this holiday season, please share these deals with your friends & family.

This is also a great opportunity for current students to renew their series at a lower rate.  Give the gift of art and support a small business 🙂

Click the individual links to be taken to details & buying info for each deal:


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CYBER MONDAY, online only deal.

Available 12/2/13 ONLINE ONLY
The studio will be closed. This deal is online only.

Buy $50 or more Gift Card, Save $10
averyboo artsGive the gift of Art Lessons!
This is especially great for current students! Buy this discounted Gift Certificate now and use it to renew your classes later. Tell friends & family you’d like the gift of art lessons this year 🙂

The Fine Print
• Class days & times vary. Please make sure our schedule fits yours before buying.
• This is an online deal only, for 12/2 only. No exceptions.
• Applies to $50 ($40) or $100 ($90) online Gift Certificate.
• Not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
• Must set up online account before purchasing.
• All Sales Final.


How to set up online account and make purchase… CLICK “more” for instructions & screen shots. The studio will be closed 12/2. If you still need help after reading the support info below, please email

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Small Business Saturday, In-Studio DEAL

Available 11/30/13 IN-STUDIO ONLY

Buy 3 Gift Cards $20 or More, Get $15 Gift Card FREE
gift the gift of smiles11:00am-1:00pm

Give the gift of ART & Creativity!
Gift Certificates may be used toward Art Classes, Open Studio Visits, &/or Birthday Party. Please visit our website to view class listings & photographs from our super fun studio.

The Fine Print
• This is an in-studio deal, for 11/30, 11-1pm only. No exceptions.
• For every 3 gift cards, you will receive one $15 certificate.
• You will have choice of emailing the gift certificate or printed certificate.
• Not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
• All Sales Final.
• Located 3908 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach 90807


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Black Friday Deal, QTY Limited! Save 50%

Available 11/29/13 ONLINE ONLY
The studio will be closed. This deal is online only.

5 Visit Open Studio Pass for ONLY $25 (save 50%)
This is a GREAT value!
averyboo artsOne Open Studio Visit is regularly priced at $10 per hour, per child. With this deal, each visit is just $5 each! Limited Amount will be sold 11/29 only, so buy before they’re gone!

The Fine Print
• Open Studio Hours are limited (Wed/Fri/Sat 11am-1pm). Please make sure our schedule fits yours beforebuying.

• This is an online deal only, for today only. No exceptions.
• May purchase up to 3 passes per family.
• One pass per child, 1 hour per visit per day.
• A single, discounted pass may not be shared by other family members or friends.
Pass expires in 6 months of purchase, no exceptions.
• Must set up online profile for each child you are purchasing for (your children only).
• If you are purchasing as a gift for child outside your household, please email us after purchase.
• All Sales Final.


How to set up online account and make purchase… CLICK “more” for instructions & screen shots. The studio will be closed today. If you still need help after reading the support info below, please email

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Museum with Kids : Idea #1

Ellsworth Kelly at LACMA

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be making (when I have time) about taking young children to the museum. Not all museums have to be “hands-on” to be fun or educational. National & county museums are open to families, FUN, change regularly and can help children learn about boundaries, respect & appreciation.

Remember the ground rules:
1) The trip should be no more than 2 hours to avoid overstimulation & tantrums.
2) Decide which areas of the museum you will explore before you go.
3) Explain rules about no touching (unless it’s hands-on) and no running.
4) Ask your kids open-ended questions about what they see
5) Pack a snack & be flexible – don’t force your child to read/listen to every description or stay in an area that is creating a negative vibe. You want to instill a love of art, not dread.
6) This article is a good read before you plan your visit: Exploring the Art Museum by MaryAnn Kohl

Museum with Kids : Idea #1 – Matching Game
This idea seems so obvious, but it had never occurred to me until my son came up with it all on his own during our last visit to LA County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Usually, temporary exhibits have some sort of free pamphlet available with info about the art & artist. Ask your child to explore the exhibit and match the artwork in the pamphlet to the real art on the wall. Children might be surprised to see that the actual art is enormous or tiny in comparison to the printed size. They might also observe the texture & color are different as well.

Below are pictures of my son matching prints in the Ellsworth Kelly Exhibit, which was simple, vibrant, and had lots of shapes… Sorry for the blurry photos, I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures in there (oopsy), but snuck a couple on my phone because I’m a Mom and it was cute 🙂 If you try to sneak a photo, be sure to keep your flash OFF. The flash can be harmful to the art.

Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly

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The Holidays

I can’t believe the holidays came & went already!! Below is just a small sample of the projects created in the studio in December.

PEE WEE ART (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art Class

paper poinsettia pictures, ice & play snow



Little Picasso Class

Making snowglobes w/ crystal paints



Open Studio

gingerbread cookies, string art & all sort of gift making took place in Dec.

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Halloween 2010

Here are a few photos of Halloween projects we made during all of our classes this season…

Pee Wee Art (age 2-3)
Puzzle Pumpkins

Pee Wee Art Class

kids excericised fine motor skills & problem solving.

Painting Real Pumpkins & Footprint Ghosts

Pee Wee Art Class

Good ol' Halloween Fun 🙂

Little Picasso Class (age 3.5 to 6)

These were a big hit…

Little Picasso Class

Calavera Masks + Tissue Paper Flowers

Beginning Art (age 6.5 to 9+)
Various Projects
Beginning Art Class

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Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

In Little Picasso’s Class this week we learned a bit about “architecture”. We talked about what the word means and I showed them examples of architecture from different time periods. As I showed them the images, we looked for shapes within the structures. After our little talk, I gave each student a handout of a Gothic Cathedral and they practiced their tracing skills; finding all the different shapes within the architectural details.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

Next I used large wooden blocks to demonstrate a solid foundation vs a weak foundation. The kids worked together to build a wobbly structure & a solid structure, which helped them understand how to begin their art project for the day…

For the most part, I like to try to give the kids open-ended projects to do after their lesson, so I offered each student 20 wooden cubes, glue, cardboard, and paint. I told them to make any sort of structure they wanted to and reminded them that if their foundation was strong they could build high.

As they worked they tossed out the words, “architecture”, “structure”, “foundation”, “pyramid”, “arch”, so it was nice that they were understanding what they heard this week.

Architecture lesson @ Averyboo Arts

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Impasto Painting

During painting class, I taught the kids about Impasto (thick paint).

First we learned a little bit about Vincent Van Gogh and how he used “thick paint” to create movement, emotion and texture in his work.

Next, I showed them how to mix their own paints so that they can inexpensively duplicate the technique on their own. For this lesson, I gave them tempera paints mixed with cornstarch, soap shavings, and sand (one ingredient per color).

We learned how to create different effects using a variety of tools; then they went to work. Each student received a canvas board to paint on & were asked to keep their image “abstract”. I didn’t want the kids to get wrapped up in creating a picture, rather I wanted them to focus on using the paint.

The art looks really cool! The cornstarch paint was my personal favorite. It dried all crackly 🙂

impasto example

This is the wet paint mixed with cornstarch.

impasto paint

Dried painting.

impasto painting

The bits that look like pebbles were created with the soapy paint.

impasto painting

the end.

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What About the Kid Who Loves Art?

Open Studio at Averyboo Arts

Today I had 4 new girls join my painting class, which was a nice surprise. The eldest of the bunch was very bummed to learn that class was only once a week. She really wanted to come back tomorrow for another lesson, so I suggested Open Studio Hours to her Grandmother.

As I started to explain the benefits & how Open Studio worked, she cut me off to say, “Eh, they can do that anytime at home.” Oh, the disappointment on that girls face…

Well, yes, of course you can make art at home, I absolutely encourage it. But for kids who love art – Averyboo is a place that resonates with their creative spirit.

Kids who love soccer can always kick a ball around at home also, but playing the sport with team mates at the park is more enjoyable… it nurtures the spirit and brings joy into their life.

Yes, you can use crayons and paint at home, but Open Studio is like a creative candy store for the kid who loves art. The studio is inspirational, non-judgmental, a place where the creative kid feels like they belong.

Take it from someone who was once a creative kid herself… having enriching opportunities outside of a class & to be given freedom to be an artist is valuable.

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