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Halloween at Averyboo Arts

Here is some spooky fun from the studio  last month. We definitely had a mummy theme going on! … The holidays are a great time to try some classes. Click here for our current offerings, many starting this week>

Averyboo Arts1. Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6), mummy drawing
2. Drawing Studio (Age 6-10), pumpkin still life/shading techniques
3. Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3), paint a batty sky
4. Beginning Art (Age 6-9), Dia Del Los Muertos patterns & resist painting
5. Halloween Party 10/31
6. Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3), paint-a-pumpkin
7. Open Studio – opened ended art & play time, age 2-8.
8. Beginning Art (Age 6-9), mummy sculptures
9. Paint, Play & Music (Age 2-4)
10. Drawing Studio (Age 6-10), Mummy Portraits
11. Paint, Play & Music (Age 2-4), Mr. Pops gets into the spirit
12. Open Studio (Age 2-8)
13. Beginning Ceramics (Age 5.5-12), Halloween Chimes
14. Kids Canvas Workshop (Age 7-12), acrylic paint handling
15. Halloween Party 10/31, Batman paints a pumpkin plaque.



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Pysanky Eggs

class: Beginning Art (Age 6.5-9)

While looking for egg decorating inspiration, I came upon Pysanky Eggs from the Ukraine… I loved the bold graphic style and the use of radial symmetry in many of the designs. Then I found these cool Pysanky stamps from 1959 and developed a project around them for the Beginning Art students…

Averyboo Arts

Students learned about radial symmetry, broke out the rulers & also learned how to find center point of their eggs. The students created designs with pencil then used sharpie & colored pencil to complete.

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The studio was busy during the month of December. Classes made holiday themed art, kids had gift-making in mind during Open Studio and we also participated in a couple community events. Here are a few pictures I have to share…

class: Beginning Art (Age 6.5-9)
project: Glitter Winter Paintings (click image for large photo)

Averyboo Arts

Students learned about abstract landscapes, composition, planning a design, monochromatic color, tints/shades; used acrylic paints, oil pens & glitter on 9x12 canvas board. This project took 3 sessions to complete.

what: Open Studio Re-cap
I usually don’t take many photos during Open Studio, but I snapped a few this month…

Averyboo Arts

Gingerbread Lollipops, Free Card Swap, open-ended art & gift making, natural ornaments, recycled snowmen & more.

class: Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6 years)
project: Poinsettia Collage

Averyboo Arts

Students used collage technique to make poinsettia pictures. Talked about how flower petals radiate from the center, worked on fine motor skills.

what: First Fridays Community Art Walk

Averyboo Arts

The Girl Scouts had a homemade bake sale at the studio for December First Fridays. "Bixby Belle" stopped in with candy canes while the kiddos made holiday canvases.

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Halloween Projects

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Here’s what we worked on in the studio last month…

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art @ Averyboo Arts

Spider handprints, pumpkin puzzles, and mini pumpkins

class: Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6)

Little's Picasso's @ Averyboo ARts

Goofy Pumpkins (color mixing, cutting skills) & Autumn Spider Webs (patterns in nature, lines, cutting/pasting).

class: Beginning Art (Age 6.5-9)

Beginning Art @ Averyboo Arts

Witch Legs, Haunted Castles, Finish the Spider Drawings, Black Cat Portraits

class: Halloween Art Party

Averyboo Arts

Halloween Art Party: bug goo, free art, storytime, bat puppets, yarn monsters, & squishy eyeballs!

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St. Patty’s Day

Here’s all the green goodness that took place for St. Patrick’s Day this year… (click photos for larger pic)

Class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)
Kids learned about color mixing, threading, and as always, exercised those little fine motor muscles while sponging, using small brushes & markers.

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

Green necklaces and color mixing shamrocks. Neil was also excited to show us on the easel that Y+B=G!

class: Little Picasso’s (Available T/TH/SA, age 4-6)
All Picasso classes this week are working on Paper Sculptures; however, the TH class was the only one making them with shades of GREEN. We used an amusement park as our inspiration and observed photos of rides while learning how to manipulate a practice strip of paper. Kids learned how to make circles, twists, loops, coils, hills, and accordian folds before starting their project. Then I let them do their thing…

Little Picasso's at Averyboo Arts

Using 3 shades of green + brown strips of paper, kids created their own amusement parks.

class: Beginning Art (Age 6-9)
Students learned how to draw a 3-leaf clover & watercolor techniques. We talked about “small scale”,  how to use” light pressure” while using our colored pencils, and how to “dilute” our paint to make a new shade of green. They also learned how to control the watercolors to avoid bleeding.

Sometimes a project seems simple at the start, but as the kids discovered, this project was a great skill building experience.

Beginning Art at Averyboo Arts

The background color also had a fine, gold glitter added to it. These came out really pretty 🙂

Open Studio
My sis-in-law came in with the family (well, some of the family, she has 9 kids!). She lives in AZ, so it was the first time she had seen the studio. She’s the one that has generously provided me with many of the fun costumes we have at Averyboo.

Open Studio at Averyboo Arts

Making Leprechaun Beards with the kids during Open Studio.


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Faux Glass & Analogous Colors

class: Beginning Art

faux glass at Averyboo Arts

Faux Glass Blowing

In this class we used Dale Chihuly as our inspiration and made faux glass. We viewed video clips of how real glass is blown & how Chihuly created his floppy edged pieces.

We chose “analogous colors” to paint our glass and learn how they automatically create “harmony”.

When the glass was dry, we turned out the lights and looked at the final pieces with a small lamp shining behind them. The kids were “oohing and aahing”. I totally flaked and forgot to take one last photo of all the student pieces before the kids happily took their work home.


faux glass blowing

Used overhead transparency film to cut "organic" shapes for our glass.

faux glass blowing

Gently fold the shapes, clip with paper clips to hold the fold, then lower into hot water for about 30 seconds (I used a crock pot). Use CAUTION!!

faux glass blowing

Let cool, pat dry, then paint the underside with watered down acrylics (or glass paint). Encourage dripping effect.

faux glass blowing




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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are some things we did at the studio for Vday…

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

heart art and parent/me hand project

class: Little Picasso’s (age 4-6)

Little Picasso's at Averyboo Arts

Learned about mixing tints & shades with red, blue & white.

class: Beginning Art (Age 6-9)

Beginning Art at Averyboo Arts

Repetition, alignment, pattern, mixing tints & shades w/ red, blue & white.

Workshop: Valentine’s Day Party 2/12
The party was sold out and lots of fun. Unfortunately I didn’t really get a chance to take any photos. It was only an hour, so I was too busy with the kids to take pictures. We painted heart pendants, assembled our necklaces, made open-ended Valentine wall art, decorated blueberry muffins, open studio time, and ended with the story Hug Time, which the kids totally enjoyed.
Valentine Party at Averyboo Arts

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Halloween 2010

Here are a few photos of Halloween projects we made during all of our classes this season…

Pee Wee Art (age 2-3)
Puzzle Pumpkins

Pee Wee Art Class

kids excericised fine motor skills & problem solving.

Painting Real Pumpkins & Footprint Ghosts

Pee Wee Art Class

Good ol' Halloween Fun 🙂

Little Picasso Class (age 3.5 to 6)

These were a big hit…

Little Picasso Class

Calavera Masks + Tissue Paper Flowers

Beginning Art (age 6.5 to 9+)
Various Projects
Beginning Art Class

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