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Knight Party Tunic

I’m posting these pics for anyone interested in making the tunics I posted about for Avery’s 6th birthday… You can make any easy paper pattern by following the measurements on the photos. Go to a fabric store and someone should be able to show you where to find felt on a bolt and how much you’ll need. Hope this helps a few with their knight parties!

averyboo arts

I let my son choose the color… he liked grey because it reminded him of shiny metal armor. You can either sew on the ribbon or hot glue them for a totally no-sew project!

averyboo arts

To make things easier, you can skip the taper at the shoulder, but I thought it looked better & fit the shoulder more comfortably. Good Luck!

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Custom Birthday : Dino Egg Party Favors

I made these Dinosaur Eggs for one of our custom Birthday Parties at Averyboo Arts. The kids loved ’em!

If you want to try this yourself, keep in mind that the drying time is about 5-7 days. You want to keep them a little moist inside so that the kids are able to break them apart.

Dirt Clay

Mix together 1 1/4c dirt, 1 1/4c flour, 3/4c salt and 1/2c sand. Slowly add water until you have a clay-like consistency.

averyboo arts

Gather your dinos!

Averyboo Arts

Cover dinos in clay & shape like a potato.

Averyboo Arts

Let dry in the sun for several days. I turned mine & reshaped a little bit each day so that one side didn’t become too flat. Drying times will depend on your weather.

Averyboo Arts

Help the little dinos hatch….

Averyboo Arts

And there you go! Have Fun 🙂

Our parties start at $250 and may be customized for your child.
See website for more info:

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Knight Party – Part 3

Party day was lots of fun. The kids were running around barefoot bonking each other with balloons and genuinely had a good time just being kids playing together. I asked my son what party of his party he liked the best and he said, “I can’t answer that question because I loved everything.”

Knight Party Averyboo Arts

Royal banners for the front door made with felt & computer print outs.

knight party

Balloon Swords made by our guest wizard & his lovely lady.

knight party

Archery: sticks, rubber bands & a hoola hoop - good times!

knight party

catapult game, decorate your own shield & crown, jousting tournament!

knight party

Mini barbarian foods (all vegetarian), stuff for the grownups & headless cake!

Find invite, decor & activities here>>>
Cake Information here>>

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Dragon Cake, Knight Party – Part2

This is the Dragon cake I made for my son’s Knight Themed Birthday Party. This cake is all over the internet and you can find the original instructions here. My son had a special request; however, he wanted the dragon’s insides to be a “rainbow”…

Averyboo Arts Dragon Cake

After the candles were blown out...

rainbow cake

First, you will need to separate the cake batter into 6 bowls & tint them with food coloring..

rainbow cake

Drop the batter into an 8-9" pan, layering each color. Do not mix. I tried to create a marble effect by dragging a toothpick through the different colors, but it didn't really make a difference.

Dragon cake

Rainbow Dragon Guts!

Dragon Cake

I needed 6 candles for my 6 year old. I used these long, slim candles to create fire coming out of the dragon's mouth. To bend them, I dunked them into hot water for 1-2 seconds at a time & gently shaped them the way I wanted.

Dragon cake

Didn't get a great picture of the cake all lit-up, but it looked really cool (trust me)! My son loved it 🙂

Next, Knight Party Part 3 – Party Day! >>

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Knight Party – Part1

My son just turned 6!
This year he requested (out-of-the-blue) a Knight themed party. The challenge was on! Below are pictures of the invite, color scheme, and activities….

I made a tunic for each child to wear & take home. The tunic was no-sew except for the side ties. It was simple to assemble, but I had to make 8 so it did take a couple hours to complete them all.

If you’d like specific info on anything you see, feel free to leave a comment.
Next, I’ll be posting about the cake >>

Averyboo Arts Knight Party

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Custom Birthday Party – Tangled

Parker really loved that, in the movie “Tangled”, Rapunzel was an artist. She, herself loves art and wanted a Tangled themed party for her birthday….

The average age of the group was about 4 years old, so  we decided on 3 activities:
1) Make-a-tower art lesson
2) Paint-your-own artist supply box (filled w/ mini art supplies at end of party)
3) A custom designed, 6 ft canvas banner (w/ grommets) that the entire party could paint together

Everything came together beautifully!
Averyboo Arts party info:

Tangled at Averyboo Arts

Painted lanterns hung from the window, art supply boxes, painting lesson, tower art.

Tangled at Averyboo Arts

I hand drew an image from Rapunzel's wall inside the tower. We used tempera paints so that Parker could wash the banner if she wanted, hang it on her wall & paint it again herself.

Tangled at Averyboo Arts

Happy Birthday!

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Favorite Photo Friday

Averyboo Arts

Gotta love it when the birthday girl cleans up after her own party!! 🙂

June 10, 2011 at 11:34 am 2 comments

Custom Birthday Party – “Under The Sea”

“We hosted our four year old daughter’s birthday party at this wonderful Long Beach gem. Owner, Natalie Meza, worked diligently with me to carry-out the concept of our mermaid theme. She ordered custom underwater colored paints and materials, devised craft options and consulted me by phone and email whenever I had additional ideas. You will find that Averyboo is a modern, clean and well-lit space that has high-quality materials. Being that Natalie is a mother of a young child herself gives her a deep passion for what she does and with her art background you’ll see how you’re child will have a wonderful artistic experience no matter what studio offering you choose!”
– Marinella L. (Averyboo Arts, Yelp Review)

Birthday Party @ Averyboo Arts

Painting treasure chests and sea animals.

Birthday Party @ Averyboo Arts

Art, mermaid face painting, and a super fun ocean themed dance lesson!

April 1, 2011 at 2:04 pm 1 comment

Custom Party – French/Japanese

Hannah was turning 8 & wanted a more “grown-up” party theme. Her mother came to me wondering if I had any suggestions for a French/Japanese art party. Interesting combination = interesting challenge.

After interviewing the daughter a little bit, this is what we came up with and the girls had a blast.

Birthday Party at Averyboo Arts

We set up a boutique with grown-up dresses & accessories. The girls put together glamorous outfits and walked down the cat walk for a fashion show (complete w/ Edith Piaf music).

Birthday Party at Averyboo Arts

3 art activities... (1) Fashion Collages, (2) Decorated Japanese Trinket/Surprise Boxes, (3) French/Japanese Illustration & Painting Easels

Birthday Party at Averyboo Arts

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Secret Agent Party Pt3 – Party Day

Secret Agent Party by Natalie Meza

It’s been a month since we had the party and the boys at Avery’s school continue to tell me how fun it was 🙂  I’m just happy it came together & that the Birthday Boy had a great time. I made everything myself &/or reused or repurposed items I already had. The goody bags were probably the biggest expense at about $5 p/child.

– Invitations are here>
– Age appropriate party activities are here>
– If interested in more details about how to make something, leave a comment.


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