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Custom Birthday : Dino Egg Party Favors

I made these Dinosaur Eggs for one of our custom Birthday Parties at Averyboo Arts. The kids loved ’em!

If you want to try this yourself, keep in mind that the drying time is about 5-7 days. You want to keep them a little moist inside so that the kids are able to break them apart.

Dirt Clay

Mix together 1 1/4c dirt, 1 1/4c flour, 3/4c salt and 1/2c sand. Slowly add water until you have a clay-like consistency.

averyboo arts

Gather your dinos!

Averyboo Arts

Cover dinos in clay & shape like a potato.

Averyboo Arts

Let dry in the sun for several days. I turned mine & reshaped a little bit each day so that one side didn’t become too flat. Drying times will depend on your weather.

Averyboo Arts

Help the little dinos hatch….

Averyboo Arts

And there you go! Have Fun 🙂

Our parties start at $250 and may be customized for your child.
See website for more info:

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New Ceramics Class


We have a new 2-Day Kid’s Ceramics Class starting Wed, Feb 15th!
I’m excited 🙂 Working with clay is great for sensory development, motor skills, self expression, developing confidence, problem solving skills, discipline, and pride. Clay also has a therapeutic quality and can retain a child’s attention for hours.

ImageKid’s Ceramics $45 
Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm (see dates below)
Must Pre-Register, Space limited>>
(Age 5-10) In this class, students will explore handbuilding construction techniques; making functional items such as mugs, bowls, and picture frames … or imaginative/sculptural creations like animals, masks or a wind chime. Each child will take home glazed/fired pieces.

Classes taught by working ceramist, Kathryn Heaton.

We have 2 classes on the calendar to start; adding more as demand grows… 
• Feb 15, 22 = Make a Coil Bowl
• Mar 07, 14 = Make an Animal
Click here to register, Space limited>> 


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Pee Wee Art – Gustav Klimt

Our morning Pee Wee Art Class (Age 2-3) will be starting up again on Tuesday Nov 1st, 10-10:45am. You can register online or call 562-912-4800.

Here is a Gustav Klimt theme we did a few weeks ago in Pee Wee… The projects focus on process, while exposing children to art history, shape/form/texture and harmonious colors.

Pee Wee Art @ Averyboo Arts

Pre-prepped materials.

Pee Wee Art @ Averyboo Arts

Working on those fine motor skills.

Pee Wee Art @ Averyboo Arts

I love all the different results that were achieved with the same materials. Wish I had time to post them all! See you class!!

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