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Saving Masterpieces

Here at Averyboo Arts we have some pretty awesomely devoted art students who eagerly come to our studio weekly to create art. These students leave with a huge sense of accomplishment, having learned new skills, and with a new work of art every 1-2 weeks. As our students transition from class to class over a number of months or years, their art collection grows along with their artistic skills – we often hear requests for ideas on how to save each and every single masterpiece.

Saving your budding little artists art work can be quite a feat when wanting to support your child’s artistic growth, saving memories of their youth for posterity, and a whole slew of other reasons. Averyboo Arts is here to help with simple, creative, and effective ways on how to keep your art students works of art!


The Portfolio, it’s a romantic reminder of all the great artists throughout history. Just hearing the word conjures up an image of paint splattered artists roaming cities with their portfolios under their arms. This age old artists companion is a must have for art students of any level. They store work wrinkle free, protect from sunlight, yellowing and degradation in general, and best of all its thin flat storage.

You could also create an e-portfolio, photographing all your favorite pieces of art and creating a Shutterfly book. You could also set up a virtual portfolio by using your digital copies of art work as a screen saver on your computer.

Another modern portfolio option is to use an app like Artkive, check it out in your App Store.


The Gallery, another quintessential element of all the great artists, is just as effective as it is chic! The very first public galleries in France were annual salons where work was hung from wall to ceiling. Create your own gallery art home with varying sized thrift frames, place them in a small wall at the end of a hallway, in your child’s room, or in your dining room. A gallery is a great way to highlight your child’s talents, plus you can switch out the art as it gets made. Once it’s done being displayed store it in your portfolio!


Recycle Reuse Reduce, this solution is by far the one to employ when at a loss of what to do.

Recycle, we have seen a lot of creative uses for art work, consult the Internet or Pinterest for ideas, but some of our favorites are handmade cards, wrapping paper, book covers…

Reuse, art makes a wonderful gift of any occasion and any space, a small gallery over your desk at work or on grandma’s coffee table maybe?

Reduce, while every single piece of art is in deed a treasure, some pieces are a little rougher around the edges, or not as shiny as the rest of your loot, it’s a part of the process of being an art student… Have a show for two, decide along with your student what to hold onto, and how you want to use what you’ve got – they will love having involvement over their art.

From Averyboo Arts, enjoy making art, tame you space, and save those masterpieces!

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Nature Display Wednesday

nature display wednesday

We had a picnic linner (lunch/dinner) at the Point Vicente Lighthouse where we found these large puffy pods. They are similar to a dandelion, but BIG with spiky bits. There were lots of pelicans flying around that day & we also witnessed the beginnings of a lovely sunset. If you have kids, this a great local spot to explore.

nature display wednesday

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Vacation Jar Workshop

Many of my customers took some amazing vacations this Summer, so I thought it’d be fun to offer a Vacation Jar Workshop to help the kids memorialize their trips. I only had one child sign up, which was fine with me. I was able to really give R my full attention and help him create something he was very proud of.

First we evaluated what we had to work with. I interviewed R about his trip to Maui so I could help him narrow his choices.
Vacation Jar Workshop

I knew beforehand that R was bringing tokens from Hawaii, so I gathered some more materials for him to use like sand, Hawaiian print fabric, a variety of papers, drift wood, etc. We talked about different options he had, made some decisions about composition and then got to work.

Vacation Jar Workshop

gathering, labeling & assembling

After some finishing touches, the jar was complete. R immediately walked over to show his Dad, who lit up with surprise when he saw the memento.  Here’s a closeup of the jar>>

Vacation Jar Workshop

proud of his creation

All materials, including the fancy jar,  were included in the workshop price of only $10. Not too shabby! To find out more about upcoming workshops, go here:

OH, and tried to get my 4 yo son to work on a nature jar with me, but he decided to do this instead…

It was more fun for A to place scissors in jars & hide them under easels. The End.

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Nature Display Wednesday

Avery & I have a “nature display” in the living room where we collect different interesting objects we find on walks. This week we stopped at the beach for a little bit and also the park. Here’s what we collected:

Crow feathers, misc shells, sea weed... We also found an animal tooth but somehow I lost it! Good going Mom 😛

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