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New & Improved Open Studio!

Here is a nice little article about The Importance of Art in Children’s Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development. Now let me tell you a little about Open Studio at Averyboo Arts…

Summer is the perfect time to come in for Open Studio. These are limited hours where you pay only $10 p/hr to use almost anything in the studio. From open art supplies & easels to blocks & creative play, kids 2-8 will have plenty of ways to exercise their imaginations and express themselves. Our studio is air conditioned and a great place to meet up with friends for an indoor playdate or have some unplugged time alone.

Open Studio now comes with an optional craft each week as well as face painting (cheek only). And, grownups, you can enjoy free WiFi and a complementary glass of ice tea.

We also have an online booking system so you don’t have to call for an appointment! Hope to see you soon ❤

Open Studio @ Averyboo Arts


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Favorite Photo Friday

A small group of boys came in for Open Studio and made NINJA’s! These fierce little guys were made with corks, tape & match sticks. Cool, eh?
You can save 30% on your OS visit thru 6/29 *IF* you book through our new online system. Enter Promo Code OS30 upon checkout. See website>

Averyboo Arts

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Favorite Photo Friday – 2nd Place!

Averyboo Arts

"I am diversity...."

I recently provided private lessons for one of my regular students. She’s only 6 and had the challenge of creating artwork  for a PTA Reflections project that showed what “Diversity” meant to her. That’s quite a word for a 6 year old… during our sessions we talked about the word & talked about her own cultural diversity (Indian / American). She decided she wanted to make a self portrait & continued from there. I exposed her to different styles & taught her about facial proportions, acrylic paints & image transfer technique…. She also decided she wanted to add bits of sequin from one of her Mother’s saris. Her Mom sent me a picture of the final painting that was submitted & found out she won 2nd Place in her age group for the Visual Arts category. She was the only 1st grader who won in her entire school. Great job!

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Creative Kid + Sale

Jake is an impressive young man (7 yrs). He came in for Open Studio twice last month with his Grandmother and little sister. At first, he was a little shy & unsure what to do when he got here, but after I showed him all the cool stuff he was allowed work with without any grown-ups telling what to make – he got to work…

On day one he decided he was going to make a “portable table”. He figured it all out and with a little assistance (hot glue gun & hole punch) -VOILA- a portable table was created.

Open  Studio - Averyboo Arts
On day two, jake headed straight for the crayon easel to design a catapult! I was unsure as to how he was going to make it, but he was able to figure it all out. He made a working catapult out of cardboard, popsicle stick, bottle cap & tape. After some experimenting, Jake concluded that launching a pompon was more successful than a nut 😉

Open Studio - Averyboo Arts

Sale at Averyboo Arts, buy 1, get one free

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