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Robots with Dad

Happy Father’s Day!
We had a good time at our “Robots with Dad” Workshop yesterday. We had quite the variety of pieces & parts to work with and our father/child teams were very creative. It was great watching the fathers/grandfathersĀ  interact with their kids; teaching them how to use tools, and the glue gun, planning their robots together…

Averyboo Arts

We spread out all over the studio to work.

Averyboo Arts
Here are a few of the robots!

Special thanks to my assistant, Charity, who donated
a lot of cool items for our use!

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catch up post

I take soooooooo many pictures at the studio & have been wanting to blog about all the cool things we do here for ages. So, before this get’s too old, here is what we did for Father’s Day this year…

Averyboo Arts, Vangie Ogg Photography, and Jammin’ Music worked together to offer “Daddy Day with Me” on June 19th. It was a day of music, crafts and a professional portrait session+print all for only $40!

The Guys loved it! One of the Dads commented on his way out that “This was really nice. I never get to have special time like this with my daughter, so thank you.”

Here are a few photos:

Drum circle at Jammin' Music

Drum circle at Jammin' Music

Father's Day at Averyboo Arts

Decorating frames at Averyboo Arts

Father's Day at Averyboo Arts


Father's Day at Averyboo Arts

Father's Day Portrait by Vangie Ogg

Father's Day Portrait by Vangie Ogg

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