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Halloween at Averyboo Arts

Here is some spooky fun from the studio  last month. We definitely had a mummy theme going on! … The holidays are a great time to try some classes. Click here for our current offerings, many starting this week>

Averyboo Arts1. Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6), mummy drawing
2. Drawing Studio (Age 6-10), pumpkin still life/shading techniques
3. Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3), paint a batty sky
4. Beginning Art (Age 6-9), Dia Del Los Muertos patterns & resist painting
5. Halloween Party 10/31
6. Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3), paint-a-pumpkin
7. Open Studio – opened ended art & play time, age 2-8.
8. Beginning Art (Age 6-9), mummy sculptures
9. Paint, Play & Music (Age 2-4)
10. Drawing Studio (Age 6-10), Mummy Portraits
11. Paint, Play & Music (Age 2-4), Mr. Pops gets into the spirit
12. Open Studio (Age 2-8)
13. Beginning Ceramics (Age 5.5-12), Halloween Chimes
14. Kids Canvas Workshop (Age 7-12), acrylic paint handling
15. Halloween Party 10/31, Batman paints a pumpkin plaque.



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Knight Party Tunic

I’m posting these pics for anyone interested in making the tunics I posted about for Avery’s 6th birthday… You can make any easy paper pattern by following the measurements on the photos. Go to a fabric store and someone should be able to show you where to find felt on a bolt and how much you’ll need. Hope this helps a few with their knight parties!

averyboo arts

I let my son choose the color… he liked grey because it reminded him of shiny metal armor. You can either sew on the ribbon or hot glue them for a totally no-sew project!

averyboo arts

To make things easier, you can skip the taper at the shoulder, but I thought it looked better & fit the shoulder more comfortably. Good Luck!

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Halloween Projects

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Here’s what we worked on in the studio last month…

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art @ Averyboo Arts

Spider handprints, pumpkin puzzles, and mini pumpkins

class: Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6)

Little's Picasso's @ Averyboo ARts

Goofy Pumpkins (color mixing, cutting skills) & Autumn Spider Webs (patterns in nature, lines, cutting/pasting).

class: Beginning Art (Age 6.5-9)

Beginning Art @ Averyboo Arts

Witch Legs, Haunted Castles, Finish the Spider Drawings, Black Cat Portraits

class: Halloween Art Party

Averyboo Arts

Halloween Art Party: bug goo, free art, storytime, bat puppets, yarn monsters, & squishy eyeballs!

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Halloween 2010

Here are a few photos of Halloween projects we made during all of our classes this season…

Pee Wee Art (age 2-3)
Puzzle Pumpkins

Pee Wee Art Class

kids excericised fine motor skills & problem solving.

Painting Real Pumpkins & Footprint Ghosts

Pee Wee Art Class

Good ol' Halloween Fun 🙂

Little Picasso Class (age 3.5 to 6)

These were a big hit…

Little Picasso Class

Calavera Masks + Tissue Paper Flowers

Beginning Art (age 6.5 to 9+)
Various Projects
Beginning Art Class

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Primitive Pumpkin Workshop

primitive pumpkin workshop at Averyboo Arts

I’m happy to report that everyone left our Halloween Workshop with finished pumpkins! Participants ranged in age from 4-8 years old and designed some fun plushies to add to their holiday decor this year. The little ones worked together with their mothers while the older children were given the freedom to create & learn a new skill.

1. Before we began, I showed them examples of Primitive Halloween decorations & objects such as dolls, pillows & quilts.

2. For the sake of time, I pre-aged the fabrics for the workshop. I explained how it was done & showed the kids “before and after” aging samples of the fabric. (see Coffee Dye post for the recipe & instructions).

3. Then we learned how to make a pattern for our pumpkin shape… cut the fabric.. and began to sew on the faces using fabric scraps & vintage buttons..

4. Once the faces were done, the front & back were sewn together & the pumpkin was stuffed. A twig was used to make the pumpkin stem and then they were complete 🙂

Very proud of the kids for staying so focused.
They came out great!

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