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Nature Display Wednesday

Hubby found this SKULL shaped leaf while gardening. Thought it was appropriate for the season 🙂

Averyboo Arts

nasturtium leaf

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Nature Display Wednesday

nature display wednesday

We had a picnic linner (lunch/dinner) at the Point Vicente Lighthouse where we found these large puffy pods. They are similar to a dandelion, but BIG with spiky bits. There were lots of pelicans flying around that day & we also witnessed the beginnings of a lovely sunset. If you have kids, this a great local spot to explore.

nature display wednesday

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Nature Display Wednesday

Yes, we “found” this lovely crystal on one of our nature walks… a neighbor moved recently and left some items out at the curb. There was a small dresser I wanted, so when we finished our walk, I drove the car over to pick it up. After getting it home I opened up the drawers and there was this giant quartz crystal!

Nature Display Wednesday - crystal

There were other items in the drawer indicating a break up, so I think this was intentionally left out for the trash. Oh well, yay nature display!

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Anti-Nature Display Wednesday

Man – it’s Wednesday already?!?

Last year we stopped by the beach in Carlsbad, CA after a LegoLand trip. I was struck by the number of large, in-tact shells all over the place, so when we were in town last Sunday, I was anxious to go again & collect some nice pieces for the studio.

This year the beach was… not so good. I was amazed by the amount of small bits of plastic littering the shoreline. Specks of color and old balloons mixed in with all the seaweed. It was nasty.

So, in honor of the beautiful beach I admired last year, here is my anti-nature display for this week:

Anti-Nature Display Wednesday

Tangled balloon string (thank goodness an animal didn't eat this!), misc plastic, chz-n-crackers stick, cigar thingy, etc. There was more, but I dumped it 😛

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Nature Display Wednesday

Avery & I have a “nature display” in the living room where we collect different interesting objects we find on walks. This week we stopped at the beach for a little bit and also the park. Here’s what we collected:

Crow feathers, misc shells, sea weed... We also found an animal tooth but somehow I lost it! Good going Mom 😛

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