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Gift Making – Wet Felted Acorn Pendants

Averyboo Arts

My son made these “acorn top” pendants for his cousins for Thanksgiving. These would also make cute Christmas gifts and could be winter-ized by painting the tops white or covering with snow glitter. The balls were made with wool and a wet felting technique. Little ones can do this with supervision as hot water is part of the process. Have fun!

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Teacher’s Gift – Terrarium


Averyboo Arts

Garden terrariums are a simple, attractive and heart-felt “thank you” gift your child can make for his or her teacher. My son & I made these for Christmas gifts last year and never had a chance to post about them, so here we go…

(1) First of all, you will need a clean glass container of some sort… Pasta sauce jar, empty spice jar, canning jar – anything you have with a lid will do. Plastic is ok too; I’m saving a bear-shaped honey bottle for this purpose. I also spray painted the jar lid light green ala Martha Stewart so it would look ever prettier (optional).

Averyboo Arts

(2) Start with a gravel layer. This will help keep the terrarium from getting moldy & looks really nice. This can be anything from marbles, aquarium gravel or small decorative stones from your local garden center.

(3) Next we added a layer of adobe clay dirt from our yard, then a layer of garden soil – do not mix together and don’t compact. Your own yard dirt will differ from packaged garden soil and will add interest to the overall piece. Keep in mind that you can make “hills” in your garden as well.

(4) Β Then you’ll want to grab a spoon & a paper plate and go for a stroll around your neighborhood to gather moss. You want nice flat pieces. We grabbed some with tiny bits of clover and other interesting little weeds. Lay down the moss on top of your last soil layer & gently pat into place.

(5) At this point you can add a few stones &/or plastic animal toys, or shells, or any other interesting bobble you like. We added some plastic bunnies and it turned out oh so cute!

(6) Lastly, you’ll want to give the terrarium a good spray of water. Place the lid, keep in a sunny spot and enjoy! If there is a build up of condensation, you can open the jar for a bit… if it looks dry, spray some more water.

Averyboo Arts

This was the jar my son made for his teacher BUT it never left our house. He loved it so much he couldn’t part with it. Six months later it’s still thriving on his bedroom dresser β™₯

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Nature Display Wednesday

Hubby found this SKULL shaped leaf while gardening. Thought it was appropriate for the season πŸ™‚

Averyboo Arts

nasturtium leaf

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New Planters!

The studio has been open now for 2 years!
One of the many upgrades on my “to do” list has been to make planters out front to help draw attention from the street and keep people from leaning on the glass while waiting for the bus.

First, I *really* needed to paint the side walk. Really. It’s so boring and bland out there; people don’t notice we exist. My landlord never liked the idea of painting when I brought it up to him, but I have to make the storefront a reflection of me.

Next, I found galvanized trash cans in several different sizes at OSH. I thought they would be super cute and complement our creative reuse philosophy.

My Mom gathered succulents from her house & I from mine (including poky cactus). I also bought some purple cabbage and horsetail grass to create our little urban garden. It took 6 hours to put the containers together.

The plants still need to fill in a bit more, but I love it! I’ve noticed lots of smiles from people walking past, which always feels good. A big “Thank You” to my Mom who did all the planting!!! Here are some photos…

Averyboo Arts

BEFORE photo. See, wasn't it bland?

Averyboo Arts

Blue & Green paint added to the front sidewalk.

Averyboo Arts

Shiny new cans & plants

Averyboo Arts

Very happy!



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Fairy Garden Workshop 11/6/10

This workshop was sooooo fun & super cute! The kids got to wear fairy wings and had a variety of choices for creating a sweet little garden. I will definitely offer this again in the Spring. Click image for larger photos.

fairy garden workshop prep


fairy gardens at Averyboo Arts


fairy garden workshop

finished gardens

November 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm 3 comments

Nature Display Wednesday

Yes, we “found” this lovely crystal on one of our nature walks… a neighbor moved recently and left some items out at the curb. There was a small dresser I wanted, so when we finished our walk, I drove the car over to pick it up. After getting it home I opened up the drawers and there was this giant quartz crystal!

Nature Display Wednesday - crystal

There were other items in the drawer indicating a break up, so I think this was intentionally left out for the trash. Oh well, yay nature display!

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Pee Wee Art – Tuesday Evenings

I’ve added a Pee Wee Art Class to Tuesday evenings (5:30-6:15), so that more working parents can attend. I think this will end up being a popular time slot!

Here’s what we did in Pee Wee this week…

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

Natural clippings, paint, tooth brushes, sieves, & sponges

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

We used strawberries as one of our materials. Everyone got a berry for tasting as well.

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

And then we let the kids do their thing...

Pee Wee Art Class at Averyboo Arts

Freestyle painting & coloring, followed by storytime & color identification activity.

For class info see:

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Anti-Nature Display Wednesday

Man – it’s Wednesday already?!?

Last year we stopped by the beach in Carlsbad, CA after a LegoLand trip. I was struck by the number of large, in-tact shells all over the place, so when we were in town last Sunday, I was anxious to go again & collect some nice pieces for the studio.

This year the beach was… not so good. I was amazed by the amount of small bits of plastic littering the shoreline. Specks of color and old balloons mixed in with all the seaweed. It was nasty.

So, in honor of the beautiful beach I admired last year, here is my anti-nature display for this week:

Anti-Nature Display Wednesday

Tangled balloon string (thank goodness an animal didn't eat this!), misc plastic, chz-n-crackers stick, cigar thingy, etc. There was more, but I dumped it πŸ˜›

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Nature Display Wednesday

Avery & I have a “nature display” in the living room where we collect different interesting objects we find on walks. This week we stopped at the beach for a little bit and also the park. Here’s what we collected:

Crow feathers, misc shells, sea weed... We also found an animal tooth but somehow I lost it! Good going Mom πŸ˜›

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