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Favorite Photo Friday

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art @Averyboo Arts

J was having such a good time painting with his Daddy in Pee Wee Art Class this week. Cute!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some Mother’s Day projects we did in the studio this week…

class: Pee Wee Art (Age 2-3)

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

Wall or Window Art

Pee Wee Art at Averyboo Arts

Sewing Cards

class: Little Picasso’s (Age 4-6)

Little Picasso's at Averyboo Arts

Heart Bowls for Mom

workshop: Mini Monets with Mom (Age 4-9)

workshop at Averyboo Arts

This was a felting project. I'll do a separate post about this in a few days & show you the steps.

Now, back to bed to wait for my breakfast… hope the boys wake up soon because I’m huunngry! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

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Some Humor For You

Remember, It’s the process not the product that is important….

I was going through some studio photos today and came across a few projects that didn’t go as planned. These photos are from Pee Wee Art. The kids loved the process of the projects, but we grown-ups found humor in the end results.

some bloopers from class

1) The theme of this class was ’emotions’. These projects were from the “happy table”. Kids glued a happy face to their paper and painted with yellow & red. The purpose was to mix the two colors and create a happy orange color, but the kids were really drawn to the red resulting in pictures that looked like maniacal children burning in flames. It was silly.

2) Last week, all classes made recycled paper pulp pictures for Earth Day. Since the Pee Wee students are so young, I wanted them to focus on the texture and manipulative qualities of the pulp. I made 2 pulps – one from junk mail and the other from old construction paper. The end result was something that resembled ground beef or perhaps vomit. Hmm, well, at least the kids really enjoyed the project & had no idea what we adults were snickering about.

3) This last photo is from Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be sweet to create a parent/child piece. The children traced their parents hands & then the parent traced their child’s. The kids colored in with crayons & painted with red, glittery watercolors to create a resist. The end result looked a little gruesome. I decided to change the paint colors for the afternoon class and they turned out much better! 😉

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Pee Wee Art – Rice Mosaics

We have space available in the morning Pee Wee Class 10am-10:45am (Age 2-3).
Register online or call 562-912-4800.

colored rice

The kids colored brown rice during a previous class.

Pee Wee Art

Using different tools & glue to make art

Rice Mosaics

Pee Wee Art - Rice Mosaics

Can't see it in the picture, but we sprinkled a fine gold glitter on top for a finishing touch!


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